Tag and Me

Here is Tag while still at his former home (on Bill & Elaine's balcony) with his favorite squeaky toy - I think we were all relieved when it finally wore out!

Here is Tag while still at his former home (on Bill & Elaine’s balcony) with his favorite squeaky toy – I think we were all relieved when it finally wore out!

With Bill and Elaine’s exit, some of you may be wondering, “What about Tag?”  I realized recently that I haven’t really posted any updates (especially pictures) of the sweet little guy who showed up on New Year’s Eve.  Although not without a lot of time, effort and MANY vet visits, Bill and Elaine really nursed this pup back to health and he has grown into a much bigger, stronger bundle of boundless energy!  We all enjoyed playing our own role in his life (for me, among other things, it has been fetch games on the beach) and all have our own “pet” nickname for him (mine is “Tag-a-roo” or “Roo” for short).  After all, adopting him became a group event (chronicled in this post: “Living a Dog’s Life”).  The issue of what to do with him when they left was something that weighed on and loomed over Bill and Elaine’s heads for many months.  Near the end, our friend Sam, who owns the bed and breakfast Jardin-Suizo across the street from where we all lived (and is also owner of two other friend dogs of mine, Bruna and Vera) agreed to look after Tag for the months that they were gone.  I was the one who held Tag on his leash the day they said a tearful goodbye and walked away – SO HARD!  True to his name, Tag is a follower and we always had to keep him closed up until they left the house (and hopefully someone was still around who could let him out) or he would determinedly follow them down the street.  So their departure was not an easy adjustment for him.  Sam’s dogs did not really take kindly to a new kid on their turf either.  And of course, Tag wanted to go back home (and frequently did so, digging under the gate to get in) to wait on his balcony for Bill and Elaine to return. 😦  So he has clung to those of us who are still around (namely Sam, Mesfin and me) who have also become a part of his life.

He and I have begun a regular routine of me walking down to Sam’s in the morning and tippy toeing (while everyone is still asleep) through the gate and up the stairs, where I find him asleep in a pile of dirt on Sam’s rooftop deck.  When he sees me he goes berserk and I get jumped all over and given puppy hugs and kisses!  Then I tippy toe and he bounds down the stairs, we sneak past the other sleeping dogs, out the gate and through the nearby secret path (that Sam just recently showed me) down to the beach for fetch, romping and bird chasing (that would be what he is doing – I’m walking, listening to/singing praise music and praying).  As we were enjoying our time together the other day, it occurred to me that this sweet, four-legged friend and I (with whom I recently shared “A Fresh Start”) were once again in the same boat.  All the people who we had grown attached to (Bill, Elaine, Robert, Rick and David), who helped us recover and transition from the wounds and traumas of our recent pasts and into our new life, have now moved on.  So now it is just Tag and me waiting to see if/when they will come back into our lives and what it will be like when they do.

For now, Tag and I are settling into our current life, enjoying the fact that we still have each other and living life one day at a time, all the while expectantly waiting and hoping for the day when our friends will return.

My precious prayer time companion!

My precious prayer time and play companion!

One thought on “Tag and Me

  1. That is the cutest dog. Have offer on the house in AZ. Hope to have a place in Denver soon. Tonight at the Best Western in Gillette WY with all 3 dogs! A bit crowded. Talk soon . Jean

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