Home Improvements

There are a few items one needs to set up house that you quickly learn in Ecuador are much more expensive and much lesser quality than what we would find in the states – and one of them is dishes.  So ever since I have been here, I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect set.  Most often, they are in boxed sets and only come with 4 of each dish and just the basics (dinner plate, bowl, cup, saucer and maybe salad plate) – never had I seen any with serving pieces.  Also, the styles/patterns here are not exactly in line with what I envisioned for the color scheme I am doing.  And finally, many (including china type sets) are very thin and flimsy and better quality ones are quite expensive.

So yesterday in my second solo trip to Manta, I was wandering through a few stores and came across what was the PERFECT set!  It has 8 pieces, not 4; was exactly the colors and style I was looking for; was of sturdy, good quality and even included serving pieces!  But there were two problems – I had only brought enough cash to do the grocery shopping I’d planned for (and I do not carry or use credit cards here) and I was returning on the bus, so it was not conducive for me to bring it back.  However, it appeared there was only one set left (with a few pieces on display) and I’ve learned that when you see something you want in Ecuador, you’d better buy it because you will likely never see it again!  Enter my wonderful landlords Ron & Janet to the rescue!  I knew they were planning their shopping trip to Manta today and they have their own vehicle.  So I asked if they would be willing to return to the store and purchase the dishes (assuming they were still there) – and they graciously said yes!  I had taken a picture with my iPhone of the box and the display table where it was, so they were able to easily find it.  She called me while they were there to confirm it was in fact the last set and the clerk was boxing up the display pieces and checking to make sure nothing was damaged and the set was complete.

So here are pictures of my new dishes!  I can’t wait for you to come visit so I can feed you off of them!

6 thoughts on “Home Improvements

  1. Wow so pretty !!! I love them! Ha I need to get new dishes my self … I have worn mine out. Happy to see that you’re doing well I love you.

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