Thank You and House Update

Thank you for all the phone calls, emails and blog comments of condolences for the loss of my other cat, Emmie.  I am, of course, sad, but quite honestly my gut wrenching time was saying goodbye to her in October, because somehow I knew it would be the last time I would see her (and I cried buckets of tears then).  So although I’m sad, I had already felt and grieved the separation and loss.  I am grateful she spent the last day before her passing having a wonderful outside play day and that her final transition was peaceful – she finished well!

And I am happy to report that the house for Charcoal and me is coming along quite nicely!  They are almost finished with the concrete and very shortly will begin paint and tile work.  In addition, I met with the woodworker yesterday who will custom make all my cabinets, doors, closets, etc.  I am using the same man who did my friends, the Bublak’s, cabinets and he came all the way from Salinas (3 hours away)!  So here are a few pictures to let you know the progress that has been made since my last update (and actually, these were taken Sunday – yesterday the supports were gone and upstairs bedrooms’ concrete was being completed):

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Also, let me put to rest one question that everyone raises when they see my place – “What – no windows facing the ocean?!”  No, there are not any – and let me explain why.  Although I could have chosen to modify the floor plan of my house to allow for that, I decided not to.  The way it is constructed, there just have to be areas where there are no windows (for closets, stove, laundry room, etc.) and it is easier for that to all be on one side.  Most of the windows in the floor plan face north or south.  In addition, ultimately, there will be a house built next to mine and then two more on the ocean lots across the way – so any view I would have had out those windows would have been blocked at some point.  And lastly, having the direct ocean view/breeze is nice, but you also have the late afternoon sun coming in there and that can heat things up considerably!  So I elected to leave things as they were in the floor plan – and rely on my rooftop deck for my full ocean view (although, as you can see, I still have plenty of ocean view out the north and south windows as well).

So that is it – getting pretty exciting, isn’t it?  The finish date of sometime in June is still hopeful – so I’m fully intending to watch the whale migration season (June – September) from my rooftop deck – who wants to join me?

P.S. to my friends and family – did you freak out when you heard there was a tsunami warning for Ecuador?  No worries – I skipped my morning beach walk, but it amounted to nothing.  I was actually looking forward to seeing it!  Maybe next time…


2 thoughts on “Thank You and House Update

    • Thanks, Larae! Yes, I really didn’t need to have two fully furnished guest rooms at this point and Charcoal and I both LOVED our indoor hammock at our other rental house, so I decided to put one in the other spare bedroom – can’t wait for you to visit and see it in person!

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