Still More Random Stuff…

Well, there are just some things worth writing about that don’t seem to need a whole blog post, so I continue to bring you more “Random Stuff” about my life here in Ecuador:

This is my usual breakfast - muy yum!

This is my usual breakfast – muy yum!

BREAKFAST: This has become my usual breakfast (unless I decide to make myself some eggs).  I found the closest thing to a Greek style yogurt I could.  In that I put a wonderful granola I discovered (my favorite flavor has coconut flakes in it), a handful of almonds or walnuts and a sliced up banana – believe me, this is a great power breakfast!

Toilet paper is procured OUTSIDE the stall!

Toilet paper is procured OUTSIDE the stalls!

TOILET PAPER: I had previously been warned that toilet paper was a bit of a luxury in Ecuador – at least in public restrooms.  So the rule is, always make sure you have your own stash.  It honestly has not been as scarce as I thought it would be, but the funny thing is, when you go somewhere with a big bathroom with multiple stalls (like in the mall) there is one toilet paper holder OUTSIDE – so you have to grab your wad before you go into the stall.  Really makes you have to think ahead!

CHRISTMAS PRESENT: The one Christmas present given to me this year was from Bill & Elaine – it is this cute little coffee mug that is appropriate for two reasons: 1) it has a bee on it (reflective of my “bee call” job – see this post for details); and 2) the translation of the Spanish saying is, “Only if you risk, you know how far you can go” – pretty appropriate for me, don’t ya think?!

"Charming Ladies" Christmas

“Charming Ladies” Christmas – L to R: Melanie Johnson, Amy Howsley, Me (via FaceTime) and Amie Whitner

TECHNOLOGY: I am so grateful for the technology that enables me to stay connected with those back home who are dear to my heart.  My closest “gal pal” group is the “Charming Ladies” – named because several years ago we started a charm bracelet together and have been buying each other charms and adding to it ever since – all the bracelets are the same and each charm has special meaning.  We traditionally have gotten together at least for birthdays and Christmas (and more times if we can).  Although Amie Whitner now lives in Arizona, she comes back a few times a year and we always get together.  So they had been lamenting about how things would be this past Christmas.  But I told them to get together as they always would and FaceTime me in.  So they went to one of our favorite gathering places, Panera Bread, grabbed a cozy booth and some good food and dialed me up!  For two hours we chatted pretty much as we always have at our gatherings.  It was wonderful to hear their voices and see their faces and they even asked a waitress to take our group picture as we always do – it was definitely the “next best thing to being there”!

2 thoughts on “Still More Random Stuff…

  1. Nifty odds and ends. Good to read you are keeping in touch with all of your friends. Hope this day is a blessing, and all days.

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