One of the main things that is certain in this life (besides death and taxes) is change – and once again, I find myself in the middle of it.  The last several years of my life seem to have been a time of constant transition (which I discussed the significance of in my post “The 11/11 Story“) and after finally feeling I was settling into my new life in Ecuador, I find myself there again.

First, as mentioned in several recent posts, I found out I would have to move from the place I had been renting (that I had been told I could rent until my house was finished) into another place.  Although God blessed me with a better place to live, it was still something to adjust to.  But the most significant changes (that have come a bit more gradually) are in my “communal” life here.  One of my many prayers and those of others for me before I moved to Ecuador, was that I would find “community” quickly – and God answered that in abundant ways.  Most especially, I became fast friends with my sweet upstairs neighbors, Bill & Elaine.  Then, they had a steady parade (they are REALLY popular!) of friends come to visit, including Robert, Rick, and David.  During our times together we enjoyed exploring nearby towns; sharing in Bill & Elaine’s adoption of their dog, Tag; countless meals and card games; wonderful beach days and beautiful bonfires.  It was truly the most fun I have had in my life in a very long time!  Instinctively I knew it would not last forever, but I could not let myself think about that and just stayed in each moment and enjoyed it to the fullest.

But Rick visited only three weeks and left in mid January.  Then Robert, who was here 2 1/2 months, had to leave abruptly in late February, much earlier than he’d planned (he hopes to return at some point to finish his touring of Ecuador).  Now David, who was going to be moving into the other apartment on my property, has decided instead to relocate his “home base” to Salinas (which is nearly 3 hours away).  And Bill & Elaine are about to move into their house in Mirador San Jose, which is outside of town and although only a 10 minute drive, the bus (which is our only mode of transportation) comes only once an hour with a 30 minute window of when it can arrive – so travel to see each other will be more sparse.  Plus, they will be leaving to return to Canada (for at least six months) in mid April.

So now I find myself without my “pack” of friends to go and do and just generally enjoy life with (SIGH).  I know the truth of the matter is, were they all still here, in a few months I will move on to life in my new house (which is on the edge of town about a 30 minute walk from where I am now or a $2 motor taxi ride).  And I know that this is a time for me to make some new friends (which I am already doing) – and of course I will still keep the friendships I have made, but our times together as a group seem to have come to a close (SIGH).  So once again, I am in transition.  Like I said, one of the few things we can be sure of in life is change – which is why I try to receive every day as the gift it is and live in the moment, knowing that there is no guarantee of tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Change…

  1. not to worry friend, we shall keep in touch from afar (Canada) or when we are here ( meals, card games) We both may have to make more of an effort to keep in touch. Just so you know, I am super at keeping in touch. You need to be on facebook cause that is where I reign as Queen of Crackbook. Just Saying…..
    We may not always talk often …… but we will keep I contact.
    Elaine & Bill

  2. I’ve always been a slow learner in life lessons and having friends come and go is no exception – ahem, you would fit in that category, missy! – thank you for sharing as it helps me pray for you. Maybe I can call tomorrow?

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