New Place

Some of you may have noticed that I never posted any inside pictures of the previous place I lived.  That is because, although it was a comfortable roof over my head (most of the time), the “ambiance” of it was certainly nothing to write home about.  But my new (temporary) home, although a bit smaller, is a much improved living atmosphere!  It is just a short walk down the street from where I was before, so I am still in the same vicinity of everything I have become accustomed to.  Plus, although it is on the other side of the street, I can still see/hear the ocean out my windows and have easy beach access just by crossing the street.  So here are a few pictures of the new place Charcoal and I will be calling home until my house is completed (it is costing just a little more, but as far as I am concerned, is definitely a BIG upgrade!)

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Also, as a side note, Bill & Elaine’s friend David, who has been staying at Sam’s bed and breakfast, has decided to rent the other apartment on the property (seen in the pictures to the right on the second story level) to have more space and a place to cook meals – he will be moving in a week or so. So I still get to enjoy “communal living” and make more new friends!

One thought on “New Place

  1. Hi way down there! Been following the adventure…your new place is small but mighty! And you are right, it is the people you meet and share with that make the place what it is. Keep up the wonderful spirit and moving ahead with the Lord. Love to you…John and Jean

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