Carnival Day

Normally my beach home of Puerto Cayo, even on the weekends, is a quiet little fishing village.  But a few times a year there are festivities that cause the town to swell many times its size – and this weekend was one of them – Carnival.  Carnival is celebrated all over Ecuador (and actually in many other countries as well) and it is celebrated differently in different areas.  Here it is a four day affair where families and people of all ages come to enjoy the beach, music, food and festivities.  It is also a time when the kids have a tradition of playing some messy liquid pranks on people.  I have heard it can range from everything from water balloons and flour, to motor oil and other undesirable things.  They say that laws have been passed to curb the destructiveness of this activity and here we just observed the use of some water balloons, water guns and a colored spray foam similar to shaving cream sold by street vendors (of which Bill, Elaine and I got a little taste of out a car window as we were walking into town!)

Yesterday, we decided to wander in to experience the festivities first hand.  We saw lots of tents and chairs all over the beach and families enjoying the day.  The sun, breeze and water were perfect!  We enjoyed shopping, eating lunch and just generally hanging out enjoying the atmosphere.  Here is a slideshow of pictures I took of the fun of the day:

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One thought on “Carnival Day

  1. Does this holiday fall in line with Mardi Gras? Love the pictures and your blog. The boys and I miss you and hope to visit next year.

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