Back In the Saddle Again

Bee girl!

This picture was taken before I left when I went to watch Jefferson work at a job near my house. I gave him my “Pooh Bee” and it still rides in the front dash of his truck!

Well, after exactly four months off work, today was my first day back on the job!  Many of you know about the part-time (3 day a week) job I started almost two years ago taking calls for a family owned business that does bee hive removals.  My long-time friend, Melanie, had met the owner’s daughter at her children’s school and began doing the job a little over a year beforehand.  I had been home from working full-time since 2006, but my husband’s divorce was about to be final.  Everyone assumed I would have to return to work full-time.  But I trusted God and knew that He was telling me to “get my house in order” to prepare for what He was calling me to do (although He had still not opened the door for me to come to Ecuador).  I was confident He would provide for my needs (as He has been faithful to do, time and time again).  I knew about Melanie’s job and never gave it a second thought.  One day we were having lunch with our other long-time, sweet friend Amy, and Melanie was on her “bee call” day and took a few calls.  I still thought absolutely nothing of it, until I was in the car driving home and I heard that still, small voice whisper to my heart, “You need to do that.”  So I called Melanie and told her that if there was ever a need for someone else on the phones, I would like to do it.  Not surprisingly, a few weeks later, the other person that worked on the phones was no longer able to do the job!  So after a brief phone chat with the owner (who is widowed and now lives in Oklahoma and whose daughter is managing the business for her) and a few hours training with Melanie, I was on the job as of June 1, 2012.  I quickly learned a lot about bees, mostly from our lead technician, Jefferson, who is from Brazil (and who rapidly became a good friend).  I thought the job would only be something I could do part-time from home while I was preparing to move, in order to provide some income and keep me from draining my savings so quickly.  Little did I know (thanks to Vonage), it would be something I could do from Ecuador that will pretty much provide enough income for me to live here!

I love my job for so many reasons, but most especially the wonderful people I work for and with!  Shortly before I left, my good friend (and long time ago co-worker) Gail joined our “bee family” to take calls while I was in transition and be back-up support.  And of course, Gail and Jefferson came with me to Ecuador to help me in my travels and getting settled (see this post for pictures).  So if, (like a few of my friends last year) you find yourself having a problem with bees (or wasps, yellow jackets, etc.) give me a call!  I was even able to use my “bee skills” here when we had an incident shortly after I arrived (see “Random Stuff” post for details).

Also, thank you for your prayers for my housing situation. I am thrilled to report I have found a new, even better place to live that will enable me to hook up my Vonage box and continue to work!  I’ll be moving later this month – stay tuned for more details…

If I wrote all day every day, I still could not tell all the stories of God’s abundant and gracious provision throughout my life.  But these are just a few of many examples of “my Father knowing what I need before I ask Him” (Matthew 6:8) and I am so very grateful!

“O Lord my God, you have performed many wonders for us.  Your plans for us are too numerous to list.  You have no equal.  If I tried to recite all your wonderful deeds, I would never come to the end of them.”  (Psalms 40:5 NLT)

One thought on “Back In the Saddle Again

  1. Mary,
    Thank you for your inspirational words and perspective on life. I needed to hear them especially today as I face a meeting tomorrow that could be difficult. I know that all is in God’s hands but sometimes I need skin and a face on God to help it sink in that I am not alone.

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