Beach Day

I will NEVER get tired of this!

I will NEVER get tired of this!

Although living at the beach is always nice, every day is not a perfect beach day.  It is rare to have weather that would absolutely make you not want to be on the beach.  But often times it is cloudy and although you can certainly “catch rays” through the clouds and it is not as hot, it does not have the ambiance of a sunny day.  Then, you may have a beautiful sunny day, but the water may not be in the best condition for cooling off.  At times it can have a strong undercurrent or the waves are so rough you get beaten or “swallowed” just trying to get wet.  But today (at least for a few hours) it was a perfect beach day!  We had not seen the sun nearly all week (except for a little late morning on Wednesday, which was my “hard day“).  But this morning the sun came out in all its glory, so as soon as I could manage, I hit the beach – and the water was (in my humble opinion) perfect!  Cool and no strong current or waves – just a gentle rolling that allowed me to bob and float to my heart’s content!  After the difficulties of the week, I was so grateful for the welcome time of “re-creation”.  As I was floating in the gentle waves, I was again reminded of what I said not long ago – I would have problems anywhere that I live.  So I am so grateful that God chose a place for me that allows such sweet rest, refreshment and restoration from my problems!

As for my living situation, I’ve had a few good leads on places to rent and have already, in fact, looked at one that is VERY promising.  I thank you for your continued prayers and am once again believing that God will do “immeasurably more than all (I) ask or imagine” (Ephesians 3:20)…stay tuned!

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