New Theme Song

God often gives me specific songs during specific times in my life that have messages that bring me strength, comfort, encouragement and hope – whether messages He is saying to me or things I am declaring to my own heart and to Him.  Most recently, He has brought me back to a song I loved many years ago – first sung by the group Avalon, but then made famous by Wynonna Judd on an episode of “Touched By An Angel”.  The song is “Testify to Love” – you may have heard it before, but I encourage you to listen again (lyrics are included).  It has become the cry of my heart and theme song lately for the purpose of my life  (note the picture at about 1:55 – that’s pretty much me on the beach every morning!)

2 thoughts on “New Theme Song

  1. LOVE this song. Always have. Loved the episode of Touched By An Angel when she sang it. As I recall, I bawled during that episode…usually only teared up. The was a definite “gotta have a tissue” episode. Music comforts me too, Mary. And encourages and builds up and inspires… A significant song for me (is and has been) –“My Life Is In Your Hands” by Kathy Troccoli. Are you familiar with it? Love and miss you! Larae

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