First Haircut

Self portrait of first haircut

Self portrait of my first haircut – I’m pretty pleased with myself!

Well, this is a week of some firsts for me in Ecuador – yesterday was my first teeth cleaning and today was my first haircut – by me!  When I knew I was going to move to Ecuador, I showed up at my next hair appointment with my long-time (13 years!) hair dresser, Lucy, and made the announcement that we needed to transition to a style that she could teach me to cut myself because I was moving to Ecuador!  It’s not that I cannot find someone here that could cut hair – the challenge would be that I have no way to communicate to them what it is I want!  So it seemed easier just to learn to do it myself.  She modified my then current style just a bit and we spent the next several visits with her teaching me a very rudimentary way for me to do it myself.  First she did it for me (the trick is several strategically placed pony tails and cuts).  The next few times I did it myself while she videoed and coached me.  I even had a bit of a “scissor slip” in one spot that she had to shape up and we had to let grow out – and it was still doing so at my last cut by her just before I left.  After being here for 3 months and it finally getting way unruly, sun damaged and frizzy, I decided it was time to brave it.  I had plenty of growth to allow room for error and was VERY conservative in how much I cut, but after straightening it into my old style, I have to say I was pretty pleased with myself and how it shaped up!  Of course, this ability in no way will replace a trip to Lucy on my return visits for a truly professional job, but I’m grateful to be able to maintain things on my own until then.  The main thing I miss in doing my own hair, is the sweet “sister talks” I had with Lucy – she was not just my hair dresser, but truly a good friend.

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