Visa and House Update

Well, I found out yesterday they will not accept the paper I submitted to correct the issue with my visa.   So now I will have to navigate a tangled web of applying for an extension of my tourist visa next week (or I will be illegal) and then figuring out a solution that is acceptable to them (which includes the possibility of hiring an attorney and/or redoing the title/sale of my property as of now).  It will all require significant additional financial outflow – but my Father owns “the cattle on a thousand hills” (Psalm 50:10) and all that I have comes from Him and belongs to Him anyway, so that is not an issue.  However transportation, communication and many other things are much more difficult here than at home, so this will require a lot of effort on my part to correct.  In addition, once I do have it corrected and can re-apply for my resident visa, there is a potential for them to then say the paperwork I brought with me is outdated and new paperwork is required, which would mean a return trip to the states – a huge complication to say the least!  I appreciate your continued prayers.

On a positive note, my house is coming along very nicely!  They have interior walls up, first floor ceiling, stairs and have pulled the plumbing and electrical.  I walked over today to see some of my neighbors who I have been in contact with since purchasing my lot and who were here for a visit to check on the progress of their house.  I met them for the first time a few days ago and we’ve had a few dinners and visits while they were here – they return to the states tomorrow and I wanted to say goodbye.  It also gave me a good opportunity for my first float in the pool!  So I took these pictures during my visit  – hope you enjoy!

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7 thoughts on “Visa and House Update

  1. Mary, I love you, and if you ever feel like you are called back to the United States , then you always have a place to stay here. I know this is not what you want to hear , especially from me, but you remain my friend always, even though you regard me as someone from your past life. God bless! Sending my love and prayers to you!

    • Thank you – I have been given many “open door” offers, but I KNOW that I am where I am called to be, as surely as I know my own name. Difficulties do not mean I am in the wrong place – on the contrary, they usually mean I’m in the RIGHT place. I am not a stranger to them and I have learned to view them as opportunities for God to show up in a big way. Like I told another friend – I have had plenty of difficulties back home – we all do. If I have to have them, I’d rather have them living on the beach!

  2. Mary, I will be praying that you may get through the bureaucratic maze with the least amount of effort and financial outlay. I am so excited for your house. I am going to visit the grandsons in Montana this next weekend. Ken is off to Denver. We are hanging in despite the below freezing temps. We are so fortunate that our little cabin stays quite warm. Paco just wants to go back to AZ!

    Love you. Jean

    • Dear Mary, I second Jean’s comment. The slide show of your home is awesome. My addition is progressing nicely. It includes an apartment that is yours to use when you visit Dallas. The boys and I love and miss you. We will pray for patience and our Sovereign
      God’s intervention.

      We are a bit envious of you weather. This has been a crazy Dallas winter.

      Love to you,


      • Thanks, Elisabeth – I miss you guys too! I’ll be happy to take you up on your guest room offer and I hope you will do the same and come visit me!

        Been hearing that the weather all over North America has been a crazy cold winter. Kind of weird to know that while trying to avoid mosquito bites and sunburn!

        Blessings! Mary

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