The Bad and the Ugly

Well, I don’t want my blog to sound like every day in Ecuador is a rosy one.  There are definitely some challenging days and today was, quite honestly, the worst one yet.

It actually started out good, with some awesome prayer time before I got up.  Then, as I was making my bed, a scorpion crawled out from under it!  That just made me mad and I smashed him with my sandal and flushed him!  A little while later, we began to get some much needed major rain.  But the problem was, the house I am renting was just finished this past May and has not made it through a rainy season in Ecuador yet – so within a short period of time, I looked up from what I was doing to see that half of it was under water!!!  I had one guest bedroom totally flooded and coming out into the living room and half of my bedroom was flooded!  I grabbed buckets, towels and mops and spent the next hour doing damage control.  I called my upstairs neighbors and they were experiencing the same issues (however, once they saw mine, they said it was much worse).  I literally had water pouring like a faucet out of the air conditioning unit in the guest bedroom.  Fortunately, the other bedroom (the one with all of Charcoal’s stuff), was totally fine, so she was able to camp out there during the insanity.

As if that weren’t enough, some of you know that I received word last week that there was an issue with the paperwork for my visa.  I’ve been dealing with that as well and this morning I had found a ride into Manta to try to finally resolve it, but I could not leave the house or it would have been totally under water by the time I returned!  I called my ride to cancel and just kept mopping.  But the rain finally let up and my neighbors got theirs under control and Bill said he would take over for me if I could still get there.  Fortunately, my ride had not left yet and was willing to wait for me to throw myself together and still go.

Unfortunately, I didn’t fare well at the visa office either.  The issue is a long story, but the short version is a glitch in the way the developer processed the paperwork for the purchase of my property.  It sounds like an easy fix, (and we hoped it would be with an additional clarifying paper) but the visa office was still not happy with it.  After much talking and pleading with them (and silently praying) they finally agreed to forward the paper to the office in Quito with an explanation and see if they would accept it.  Even if they do, I still have to re-apply, because my previous application has been denied.  There are all kinds of potential repercussions (including having to apply for a costly extension of my tourist visa if I don’t hear something back within a week).  This has the potential to be a major financial issue and headache and I would very much appreciate your prayers!

“Momma told me there would be days like these” – well actually, Steve Watkins, who I first found via his blog, and then became my first contact in Ecuador (click here for story), was here on a visit when I first arrived.  He warned me (from his own personal experience) that there would be some very dark days in this adventure.  But he said in his case, somehow when he woke up the next day, things were always better.  I have actually been engaged in some major “spiritual warfare” here for someone lately, and I truly believe all this is backlash – the enemy does not like me messing with his stuff!  But I take all of this as a sign that I am on the right track and I will not back down – I would much appreciate your prayers for me in return!

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