House Update

Well, here is the long awaited (by some of you) update on my house!  Things are progressing so quickly I haven’t even had a chance to post an update, but they prepped the foundation last Monday, poured it last Friday and today, the first floor walls are up!  Here are pictures of the progression:

House (artist's sketch)

House (artist’s sketch)

Charcoal's special place

Charcoal’s “privy”

Here is an artist’s rendering picture of my house and you can click on this house floor plan to open a PDF view of the floor plan of my house.

And here is my special modification – there will be a pet door into the laundry room and this little spot for Charcoal’s litter box!  I always said if I every built my own house I would have a closet just for the litter box and my wonderful architect came up with this idea!

If you are interested to look at the builder’s website to see how this fascinating earthquake, fire and hurricane resistant modular house is constructed click here.

I am very excited to see things coming to fruition!  They say the foundation part takes the longest and once the walls start going up, things will progress quickly.  I’m soon due to make a trip with my builder to begin picking out the finishes (which is honestly a very intimidating task for me).  But it won’t be long before I have a few bedrooms to spare – so who is going to come visit me first?

5 thoughts on “House Update

  1. How neat! The design looks really like it fits well for that area. It should be a very nice place for you to work out of and relax within. We do pray for good things to continue to be in your path. Congratulations on being this far along the path! Love to you…

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