Bonfire on the Beach!

Here I am with the creator of the masterpiece!

Here I am with the creator of the masterpiece!

Beautiful bonfire!

It was beautiful! I wish I could have taken a picture of the moonlit waves in the background and incredible sky – amazing!

Last night I got to have my first bonfire on the beach!  The first week I was here, my friend Jefferson who came with me worked very hard to build a bonfire for me with some of the large stones and drift wood from the beach – he said I needed to be able to have a fire on the beach and look at the stars.  Sadly, our attempt to burn it before he left was unsuccessful because it was too windy (and the nights were also very cloudy).  So there it sat, with the best of intentions for a later time, until Bill & Elaine’s friend Robert came.  Robert decided to enlarge Jefferson’s original design and he spent several days out on the beach gathering rocks, picking up driftwood and arranging everything “just so” (the final design even had a feather sticking out of the top of the woodpile!)

David and Elaine - and Tag even joined in the fun!

David and Elaine – and Tag even joined in the fun!

We were waiting for their friend David to arrive to finally burn it.  But alas, about a week before, we were upstairs playing cards and looked out on the beach to see Robert’s bonfire lit by someone else!  (We suspect it was some people staying at the hostel next door.)  We watched from the balcony and lamented to Robert, but acknowledged it was a good fire, nonetheless.  But that didn’t stop Robert!  The next day he was out there gathering more wood and rebuilding his creation.  David finally arrived a few days ago and last night we all went out to dinner and then came back for the big event.  It was truly a magnificent fire and well worth the wait!  The weather was perfect (barely any wind) and there was a nearly full moon.  We could see the waves and the clouds even cleared to reveal stars and constellations!  I enjoyed laying on my towel looking up at the sky and then over at the fire.  It was exactly two months to the day since I arrived in Ecuador and I realized it was the first time in my life I had ever experienced a fire on a beach – it was truly a moment to savor – and I did!

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