Which One Might It Be?

If you were Jesus, which white stone would you choose for me?

If you were Jesus, which white stone would you choose for me?

One of my favorite kind of rocks to look for on the beach are white ones (and believe it or not, there are not many). Why?  Because Revelation 2:17 says, “…I will also give that person (the one who “overcomes” or is “victorious”) a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to the one who receives it.”  So in addition to wondering what my new name might be, (and I have a few ideas – but of course I can’t tell you because you’re not supposed to know!) I wonder if Jesus might choose a white stone from my rock garden and if so, which one – what do you think?

6 thoughts on “Which One Might It Be?

  1. We hope all is well with you and your quest. We would not presume to pick a rock, that is between you and the Lord. Keep on placing your feet forward…John and Jean

  2. I think the bottom right would be the rock. It is tear drop shaped and is a reminder how you have overcome the pain in your life and followed Gods voice to a place of peace and comfort along with your new name.


  3. I like that stone for you too Mary! I love creamy white – it has always been my favorite color and I gravitate towards it always – clothes, fabric, cars, fingernail polish, flowers! I immediately saw the teardrop design, organic sides/edges like “I’ve been held and loved by my Master’s hand” and so bam, that’s the one.
    Yet……the top right stone kept screaming to me, too! “See, I’m almost completely transparent; and do you see how my edges are just becoming smooth; I am not, nor any longer defined by a shape, teardrop or otherwise. My Master knows my edges and has placed me near His heart where He can use them for His unfolding purposes. He still uses them to cut through the fog of comfort and complacency in the lives of those He has allowed me to touch. These are edges born from struggle and they must remain sharp and poignant to tear through fleshly shrouds and allow the light of His Truth to blaze through.” Perhaps this is the for now.

    • Wow, Allison! That is so beautiful and humbling! I loved that stone as well, but had not put a “definition” to it. I miss you so much, sweet friend and we MUST do a FaceTime/Skype call and movie night soon!

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