Picking Rocks

I really enjoy combing the beach for new rocks to add to my collection. I look for rocks that are unique and different from ones I’ve chosen before, so the more I look, the more discriminating I get. Also, I’ve noticed that although there are some rocks that in general consensus are pretty or interesting, others appeal to individual tastes – what I like might not be particularly attractive to Elaine & visa versa.

In some areas there are many rocks congregated in a big pile...

In some areas there are many rocks congregated in a big pile…

...and in some areas there are fewer rocks, all spread out and hardly touching each other.

…and in other areas there are fewer rocks, all spread out and hardly touching each other.

Looking at all the rocks on the beach this morning made me think of the body of Christ. Some rocks are very large and easy to see and some are very small and hardly noticed, with varying sizes in between. Some rocks have brilliant color and even some sparkle, while others are dull or plain looking. Some rocks are jagged, with sharp spots, while others are totally smooth. Some have a very distinct form & shape, while others have no symmetry whatsoever. Some rocks have broken places and/or flaws and others are amazingly formed and whole. Some rocks are porous and others are quite solid. Some rocks look great when they are wet, but rather boring once they dry & visa versa. There are so many rocks to choose from, that most get passed over without even a glance. Also, I noticed there are places where there are fewer rocks that are spread apart & not touching each other and other areas where the rocks congregate in a massive pile.

There are many correlations that can be drawn from all these observations about the body of Christ and I will leave it to you to meditate on them. But I love to look at all the rocks and think about the fact that God made us all unique and distinctly different, just as He did each of them, and no matter what people do or do not value in us, we are all created by Him with our own special purpose & value.  Romans 1:20 says, “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—His eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made…” – so what lessons do you learn when you look at His creation?

2 thoughts on “Picking Rocks

  1. Merry Christmas sweet Mary! Have so enjoyed being able to go back and read some of your earlier posts and take the time to meditate on them and I particularly am touched by this one regarding the Body of Christ. Heartfelt descriptions of each individual member. It teaches me so much. Can I remember the lessons when I am struggling with self image or self worth? Sometimes. It is something I know God is working on in me. My brother George and I have been walking each morning and by taking big gulps of brisk air into my lungs I meditate that it is God’s love and acceptance I am taking into myself not the critical musings I usually feast upon. I am praying we can make this a habit for myself daily. It is a different emotional response and I am learning to take it in and experience it’s filling; making myself note the emotions and thoughts in an attempt to create this habit. I realize that is usually what our emotions are on a daily basis. Just habits that are sparked by certain triggers we experience and some we intentionally create. I have to see it as a choice I CAN make each day and just do it. It is a marvelous experience once enjoyed. Do you think we can be a certain shape or texture rock at one point in our life and become something completely different say later on? I mean, we are talking rocks here! Hard, usually not porous and in every single one a crack can be found. And usually they’re just laying around getting kicked and deeper in the mud and with no inherent ability to change our course or position. I guess God is our wave in life and we are to allow Him to pull us closer and closer to the deeper portions of His Presence.

    • So good, Allison! I like your question – I didn’t express my additional thoughts about the fact that the ocean is forming and shaping the rocks and those that are not picked up on the beach, get reclaimed by the ocean to continue their formation in the waves. So the answer is, yes – just like the rocks, we are a continual work in progress until the Master says, “Finished!” and picks us up to take us home!

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