Name That Fruit

Ovo fruit in ripening stages and seed

Here is the “Ovo” fruit at different stages of ripening (and the seed) – I don’t have a picture of it when it is totally green, but you get the idea.

I have discovered a new mystery fruit here in Ecuador (at least it is a mystery to me) – the locals call it “Ovo” (pronounced “Obo”). It is a small fruit a little bigger than a large grape. The skin on the outside is the texture of a tomato skin and the fruit on the inside (when ripe) is yellow. It has one large seed/pit, so you basically pop the whole thing in your mouth and get off what you can before spitting out the seed (like you would an olive). It kind of reminds me of a mango – same stages of ripeness, yellow flesh inside and one large seed – I guess if you were a dinosaur, you might eat a mango like we would these.  Fully ripe it is sweet (with maybe just the tiniest hint of sour in the skin) and very yummy! People in the markets are fond of giving you a couple for free as a snack and you can get a bag of 40 for $1. The fruit ripens from green to yellow to orange to red (see picture) and you can eat it at any stage of ripeness (although I am not fond of totally green) – the more ripe the more soft & sweet.
I searched the internet for an English name and description, but could not find anything – so is anyone familiar with this fruit and want to tell us more? Leave a comment – meanwhile, I think I’ll go eat about 10 more!

2 thoughts on “Name That Fruit

  1. This is from my friend Angie’s sister who lives in Mexico and has a fruit tree farm –
    “We call them ciruelas – that’s what people here call them but that word can translate to plum or prune too, but we have them on our farm. We have a yellow variety and a red one. The trees are bare of leaves and the fruit starts out small and green and get bigger as they mature. The tree doesn’t develop leaves until after the fruiting. I love the way the tree looks because the small fruits makes me think of pearls, like the tree is bejeweled.”

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