More Random Stuff…

Well, today I went with my Canadian friends Bill and Elaine (and a friend of theirs, Robert, who is visiting them) to see their house in their development – it is just outside of our town about a 10 minute drive up the coast.  Their house is coming along nicely and should be finished for them to move in by the end of February.  Their development is quite large (about 1,500 lots) and will contain shops, restaurants, parks and pools when it is complete!  (Just in case you are curious, here is the link to the website: Mirador San Jose)

Other than that, I thought I would share a few more random things…

Growing rock garden!

Growing rock garden!

My rock garden is growing – I am finding lots of quartz, a lava rock and even my first shell – isn’t she a beauty?!

Tropical Disco Bar Karaoke?!

Tropical Disco Bar Karaoke?!

Also, we were walking into town today and I noticed this place for the first time (with the music blaring out of it at 9 AM you couldn’t help but notice!)  I wish you could see how small and rural my little town is to really appreciate how CRAZY it is for this place to be here!

Lunch for $4!

Lunch for $4!

One of the things I keep forgetting to do for my foodie friends is food pictures (basically because I dive right in and forget to take one until I’m half way through!)  I had already made some headway into today’s lunch, but still had enough left to show when I remembered to take a picture (most of my salad was gone, but you get the idea).  My  favorite lunch is salad, rice, fried plantain and fried fish (corbina – my new favorite fish!) for $4!  Today we also shared a bolón de queso – recipes say this is prepared with green bananas made into a dough, mixed with cheese and then fried.  Trust me, you cannot tell it is bananas and I’m not sure how to describe it to you except YUM!

And lastly, here are a few more pictures of Charcoal.  In the first one, she is all tuckered out from a day’s play on the patio – she has made one of the guest rooms HER room.  Also, I couldn’t resist a few more cute pictures of her with me in the hammock – she LOVES hammock time!

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