Random Stuff

Well, today I just thought I would let you know about some “random stuff” that has happened lately.  My excitement for today was that I got to put my “bee girl” skills into practice when Elaine came down and said they had bees buzzing around and getting in through their kitchen window upstairs.  I grabbed my binoculars and immediately ascertained that it was a “scout troop” of bees looking for a place to build a hive.  I ran to Mesfin’s house and asked if we could borrow his high pressure sprayer and hose to reach the second story and douse the bees to discourage them (soapy water would have been best, but we did not have the ability to set that up).  By the time we got everything rigged up, the activity was dispersing, but they gave the area a good wash and the bees moved on (of course, I also called Jefferson to get his expert opinion and he concurred – he did say wasp spray would help as well, but that is just not something that is handy around these parts!)

Manta mall

This is the mall in Manta – all decked out for Christmas!

Yesterday we visited Manta again and they have a mall!  Here is a picture of it complete with Christmas decorations.  There were even Christmas carols playing – some in Spanish and some in English (you have not lived until you’ve heard “Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer” in Spanish!)

Believe me, it is NOT the same!

Believe me, it is NOT the same!

Elaine, Bill and I needed to grab a quick bite before Mesfin picked us up to head to a neighboring town for more shopping, so we ended up at the food court.  And yes, sadly, I succumbed (purely for ease) to getting my food from KFC! 😮 Here is a picture of me post-consumption – I am wearing my new handmade Ecuadorian shirt that I bought in Puerto Lopez the day before.

Sam's baby bananas

Sam’s baby bananas

Also, I just had to show you these cute, little baby bananas that Sam brought me from his yard – I just love to put them in my yogurt in the morning with granola and some almonds – YUM! And here is Charcoal loving lap time in the hammock with me – she is really settling in and has decided she REALLY likes it here!

Charcoal loves hammock time!

Charcoal loves hammock time!

And finally, I just had to show you a few of the pictures Elaine took the other day – one of the fishing boats decided to come up right on our beach!  (Usually they all come in down quite a ways on the public beach area in town).  It was amazing to see everyone come to help the men drag the net to shore – and apparently the reward is getting to take a few fish from the top green part of the net (at least, that is what they observed).  It made me think about some of Jesus’ closest disciples – Peter, Andrew, James and John – and that these guys are making their living the same way they did those 2000 years ago – enjoy the slide show!

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3 thoughts on “Random Stuff

  1. Hey! I enjoy reading your blog. I hope you can tell when it is being read, especially
    when we don’t comment. I find your experiences interesting. Blessings to you. Candy

    • Thanks, Candy – I enjoy writing it! There are “stats” that kind of tell me when it is being read, but I always appreciate comments! I miss you guys and am grateful you enjoy keeping up with my world!

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