A Day in the Life…

Here is a picture of the view I have from my patio.

Here is a picture of the view I have from my patio (and living room and bedroom as well).

Well, I thought today would be a good day to share with you some of what happens in a day in my life in Ecuador.  I woke up about 7:15 a.m. and decided (as I do many days) to go for my daily dose of Vitamin D and Magnesium (that would be a dip in the ocean).  Since I have been here, we’ve had many cloudy days, but we are getting more and more sunny ones mixed in and they tell us we are entering the “sunny every day” season.  Yesterday was cloudy, but today is beautiful sunshine.  One of the things that has amazed me has been realizing how ever-changing the ocean is.  Each morning I go to the beach I find something different – higher tide or lower tide; rocks in piles, spread out on the beach, or none at all; gentle waves that break far from the shore, or big waves that break close to the beach (like this morning).  Some days I enjoy “floatie surfing,” which is straddling my big, yellow pool floatie that I brought from home like a horse and riding the waves as they come into the shore.

Mesfin's unwanted visitor!

Mesfin’s unwanted visitor!

After about an hour of this fun, I came home and took a shower.  Then I started to make some breakfast (for the foodies who keep asking what I eat, today’s breakfast consisted of Ecuadorian decaf coffee; 3 scrambled eggs; 2 pieces of toast – one with honey and the other with blackberry preserves, and a half a papaya – yum!)  As I was sitting on my patio enjoying my wonderful food and watching Mesfin and Duver work in Mesfin’s garden, to my surprise I saw a visitor run across Mesfin’s yard!  Mesfin had been complaining that the iguana’s were eating his plants, but I had yet to see one (I think they mostly come at night).  I grabbed my camera and ran over yelling to Mesfin that he had an iguana!  “Where? Where? I’ll beat his ___!” was Mesfin’s reply.  “Please not before I take his picture!” was my response.  I found Mr. Iguana (Mesfin still couldn’t see him even as I was approaching) and he stood perfectly still and obliged as I crept closer and took a few pictures.  Then, as soon as I was finished, (and Mesfin said, “Oh – now I see him!”) away he ran – and Mesfin after him with a stick!  But never fear – Mr. Iguana got away and lived to eat Mesfin’s plants another day!

After returning from all that activity (and finishing my breakfast), Charcoal finally decided she was ready to come out and explore her outside world (and I finally decided I was ready to let her).  So here are a few shots of her enjoying some “patio time”:

So that’s about it (well, actually, we are only half way through the day – but I figured that’s about all the excitement you can handle for one day!)

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