Ready, Set – Build!


Here is the work crew marking off the footprint and digging the trench for the foundation.

Several of you have asked when they will be starting on my house – well the answer (finally) is NOW!  Today I strolled up the beach and arrived to finally meet my long-time contacts and new friends, the Bublaks, who (as of the first part of November) are the first full-time residents of Las Palmas.  Upon arrival, I was thrilled to find that the work has begun!  I hadn’t even brought my camera with me, so I borrowed Diane’s and took this picture – I really enjoyed walking up to the crew and saying, “Hola – esta es mi casa!”

According to the builder, start to finish should be 16 weeks – but a more realistic goal (factoring in the fact that there are always setbacks and delays) is that I should be in by the first of June – we shall see.  I am very comfortable where I am for as long as need be, but am thrilled to finally see things happening (and am actually glad that I will be here to oversee every part of it).

Psalm 127:1 – “Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain.” – so I have long been praying that the Lord will be the builder of “Casa de la Paz Junto al Mar” (House of Peace By the Sea) – I would be ever grateful if you would join me in that prayer.

9 thoughts on “Ready, Set – Build!

  1. Congratulations We think about you daily and pray The Lord watches over you and if it be his will your dreams be answered. We missed you at thanksgiving and wish you all the best.

  2. So nice to see your “home” underway. It can well be a place of peace and blessings for you and those who come there. You will have prayers…John and Jean

  3. This is my favorite part of the process, especially in my line of work with my clients, of dream creating. Watching your dreams and prayers become a reality in the construction of your new home. It is a personal and emotional process. Can’t wait to see more photos as it progresses.

  4. Me encanta tu casa.
    I like the efficiency of the layout. Living on the ground floor, sleeping on the second floor, and the roof terrace. I would spend each evening on that roof terrace with a telescope watching the heavens pass by.
    No puedo esperar a verla cuando este terminado.

    Google makes a free app that you can download to your iphone called “Translate”. With this app, it allows you to translate between English and Spanish and it also will also have audio so you can hear what the phase sounds like in Spanish. You can type or speak into it in English and it will translate what you said into Spanish.

    In Ecuador, do they speak Spanish or Portuguese? Both are very similar and the app will translate both.

    • Thanks for taking a look – I’m glad you like it! The language here is all español and I do have a translation app on my phone (not Google), but the problem is, you need internet access to use it and I do not have (and will likely not get) a data plan, so it is useless to me when I am away from the house, which is when I need it the most! 😦 I guess I’ll just have to rely on the old fashioned method of learning to speak it! I’m working with my Rosetta Stone pretty regularly.

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