Messages from God

For many years now I have tried to “tune my ears” to hear God.  I believe He wants to speak to all of us and He also knows how we are each made and the best way to communicate with us, if we are only willing to listen.  The way He “speaks” to me will be different from how He “speaks” to you, for we are all different and just like in any other “love relationship,” when we walk in intimacy with Him, He speaks to us in our own, unique “love language.”

For me He brings messages in many ways, including things I read, from other people, or at times just hearing His “still, small voice.”  I believe the more our ears are tuned in, the more we will hear Him speak.  This week I heard several messages from Him – see “Pulling Weeds” post for one of them – and here are a few others:

On Thanksgiving Day, my sweet friend Deanna said the Lord had put a song on her heart for me some time ago, but she had been asking Him for the timing to share it and finally He said “Go!”, so she sent me the YouTube link to the official video (although the song/lyrics are the message – not the video).  I’ve since bought it on iTunes and listened to it in a continuous loop – it has been such a comfort and sweet, timely message for me – thank you, Deanna, for listening to the Lord for me!  Here it is:


The next message was from “Jesus Calling” (given to me by my sweet friend Melanie, and a very popular daily devotional by Sarah Young).  On November 29 it said:

“In this age of independence, people find it hard to acknowledge their neediness.  However, I have taken you along a path that has highlighted your need for Me: placing you in situations where your strengths were irrelevant and your weaknesses were glaringly evident.  Through the aridity of those desert marches, I have drawn you closer and closer to Myself.  You have discovered flowers of Peace blossoming in the most desolate places.  You have learned to thank Me for hard times and difficult journeys, trusting that through them I accomplish My best work.  You have realized that needing Me is the key to knowing Me intimately, which is the gift above all gifts.”

Those of you who know my journey well, know how true a summary statement this is of my life – I would not change any of the difficulties I’ve been through, as hard as they have been, because it is through those difficulties that I have grown closer to and more dependent on God.

And finally, the last message came as I was reading along my daily scriptures (I have a schedule that helps me to read through the whole Bible each year) and I began reading the Old Testament book of Habakkuk.  My new favorite translation, “The Book,” gives a summary at the beginning of each book and here is what it says for Habakkuk:

Habakkuk preached during the last days of Judah before its fall in 586 B.C.  He saw the impending doom and was troubled by two things: why God allowed evil to exist in the nation of Judah and how God could use a sinful nation like Babylon to punish Judah for its sins.  God answered Habakkuk’s questions and gave him far more than he asked – a vision of God Himself.  This new insight into the being of God and Habakkuk’s own inadequacy gave him the courage to live through those dark days with determination and strength.

The ultimate power of God and the need for people to trust Him are the basic themes of this marvelous book.  God is in control of all nations and will do what is right.  The proper attitude to have toward God is trust, not doubt (2:4).  When a person trusts God, that person may look beyond the unpleasant appearance of events into their deeper, spiritual meaning and find strength to live no matter what happens.  We do not know the future, but God does, and we can trust Him fully.

In light of the difficult times God has shown me are ahead, these are encouraging words!  So my question to you is, are you listening for God’s messages, and if so, what is He saying to you?

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