“Why Ecuador?”

This is probably the second most popular question I’ve been asked about my move.  I can give several practical reasons why Ecuador is a great place (many people of their own volition choose to repatriate/retire here), but ultimately my answer is, “Ask God!”  I honestly believe He chose Ecuador for me and His ultimate purposes for me here have yet to be revealed.  As I finally began to accept His assignment for me to leave and I began to research where He might want me to go, Ecuador kept coming to the top.

But some practical reasons why many consider Ecuador a great place to live:

  1. It is a beautiful country that includes beaches, mountains (the Andes), rainforests, etc.;
  2. It is very inexpensive;
  3. It’s currency is the American dollar (I do not consider this an asset!);
  4. It is on the equator, so the climate is pleasant and the same all year long;
  5. It is rich in natural resources (including oil);
  6. It is very self-sustaining with organic produce (that’s just they way they’ve always grown it), fish, etc.
  7. The people are very family oriented and friendly;
  8. It is a slower pace and simpler life.

I was also drawn to the spiritual heritage of the country from the missionaries that were killed here in the 1950’s and whose wives stayed to evangelize the tribe of people who murdered them (see movie “The End of the Spear” or read book “Through the Gates of Splendor” by Elisabeth Elliot).  There are also suggestions of possible criteria to consider from John Price in his book “The End of America” and Ecuador fits those as well.

But again, God has His own reasons for bringing me here and those remain to be seen.  All I know is that every time I prayed and said, “Is it still Ecuador?”, within 48 hours someone would randomly bring up Ecuador in a conversation – and each time it became more unbelievably comical/confirming.

I was also enamored with the mountain areas, but the place God chose for me was the rural coast – and more and more I see His wisdom in that choice.  So here I am, in the place that I KNOW is where I’m supposed to be, just living life and waiting to see God’s full purposes for bringing me here.  (And by the way, it continues to amaze me the number of other people I’m coming in contact with who believe God has also led them here for a purpose as well – He’s up to something for sure!)

2 thoughts on ““Why Ecuador?”

  1. Mary: we read this with hopes and prayers for all good things to come your way, and for you to know what the Spirit is leading you to do. You have taken a leap of faith in moving there and we want the best for you. We have not been there, but are familiar with Jim Eliot’s history there, and the book and movie. Blessings and have a good Thanksgiving.

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