First Post – “Left Behind”

Well, here I go – I am officially a blogger!  I am grateful to those friends and family who have expressed a desire to follow me on my “Ecuador journey”.  Since I am new to this blog thing, I am totally open to coaching and constructive criticism.  The Dashboard is a little intimidating – it’s all Greek to me!  But I’ve made it this far (with my own hand-picked header picture – don’t you love it?) and if I can make this move to Ecuador, a blog should be “duck soup”!  Now that I am finally able to have some time to stop and think (it has been a while!) I look forward to posting for you some of those thoughts, as well as my experiences.

But for those of you who know my journey this far, you know that my friends Gail and Jefferson traveled with me to help me get settled.  They were invaluable in so many ways – I was abundantly blessed to have them here!  But, their flight left at 1:00 a.m. this morning, so this is my first day alone in my new world – and poignantly, it also happens to be my mother’s birthday.  So it seems fitting that my first post should be today.  Little did we know two years ago on this day (when our sweet neighbor Mickey took us to brunch to celebrate the day) the journey that each of us would shortly embark on – she, less than two months later to be with Jesus and me, less than two years later to move to Ecuador!  You just never know where the road on this journey will lead, but the good news is that both of us knew/know Who is leading and the final destination!  So here you go Mommy – this first post is for you – happy birthday and please tell Jesus how much I love Him!

8 thoughts on “First Post – “Left Behind”

  1. So glad to hear you made it safely & were accompanied by friends who were a comfort & encouragement to you. Your header picture is gorgeous! Where did you take it? Is it in your neighborhood? I’m looking forward to hearing about this journey you are on with God.

  2. I am glad you made it safely! By the previous pics, it looks like you still had a lot, have the builders started building? Are you renting for now? I think of your mom often, as having a 14 year old daughter makes me remember our childhood (teenager hood). Lol what kind of food do they have in Ecuador? I saw the gorgeous fruit on the table. Love you!

  3. Mary, Aidan has been asking for updates. I am happy to be able to show him pictures and let him know that you made it safely to Ecuador. I too believe it is fitting that your first post was on Leota’s birthday. I am sure that she is smiling down on you from heaven as you follow your faith journey. Both of you are great women of faith. Love to you!

    Elisabeth and Boys

  4. The pictures are teasers…anxious to see more and to learn where the “path” leads you in what you do. Same questions as above…when will your place be finished and where are you staying now? Love and blessings to you…John and Jean

  5. I’m trying to put myself in your shoes… what must be swirling in your head. but also rejoicing that not one moment is lost to Him.
    looking forward to hearing from you.

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